Dragør: Harbour, museum and places to eat

By Anna

Dragør is a small harbour town on the island of Amager just outside Copenhagen – about 15 km from Copenhagen Island.

Dragør is known for its old area of town, its lively and active harbour environment with fishing boats and recreational sailors, the Dutch town and the many beautiful natural areas along Amager coastline.

The Old Town

The Old Town in Dragør is a charming area full of small yellow houses with thatched roofs. It is one of Denmark’s best preserved towns from the 18th century. The Old Town is adjacent to Dragør Harbour, where you can find small, cosy restaurants and cafés.

The harbour is also home to Dragør Smokehouse. They are only open in the summer months, when they open up their outdoor terrace. You can sit here and look out over the water to Sweden as you enjoy some of their many delicacies.

In the summer, there is also a wealth of activities at the harbour. For example, you can join in the harbour festival in August. It is a fun, popular and enjoyable event with music, singing, food, a funfair and much more.

Dragør Museum

Dragør Museum is located in the middle of Dragør Harbour in the old town hall and former warehouse. Ship models, navigation equipment, paintings and interiors all recount Dragør’s history over time.

Amager Museum

Amager Museum is a local museum about the island of Amager, with special emphasis on the history of the agriculture on Amager. The museum is housed in two listed farms in St. Magleby. Here you can experience Amager just like in the 18th and 19th centuries. Everyone is dressed in folk costumes and there are lots of exciting activities, such as churning butter like in the old days. It’s definitely worth a visit if you decide to stop by Dragør.


Søvang is part of Dragør, which is about 2 km from The Old Town. It is an old summerhouse area, but over time it has become one of the most sought-after places to live on Amager. Large, beautiful houses are shooting up in this small part of Dragør. But if you walk along the beach, you will also see small charming houses dotted in between.

Søvang is also known for having Denmark’s longest private bathing bridge, which the residents put up and take down each summer.

Forest and Kongelund Fortress

Kongelunden forest borders Søvang. It is a very large and beautiful forest. Here you can go on long hikes in peace and quiet and just enjoy the Danish nature – during both the summer and winter months.

You'll also find Kongelund Fortress hidden in this beautiful forest. It’s ideal for children, who can run around freely and play on the large area with military obstacle courses.

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