Terms and conditions

26 September 2023


When you make a reservation through our website, we ask for a credit card guarantee. The first name and last name of the reservation must match the guest's ID card and credit card, which must be presented on request at check-in. You can see the cancellation and payment conditions for the current offer when you make the reservation, and in the confirmation, which you will subsequently receive by email. The hotel welcomes requests for room facilities, but these will always only be confirmed at check-in.

Payment in DKK

Currency other than Danish kroner (DKK), which is shown on the website, is only indicative - all purchases are made in Danish kroner.

All prices are total prices including VAT and service.

Cancellation and changing policy of reservations

Only reservations made via one of Arp-Hansen Hotel Group´s websites* can be changed or cancelled. The reservation cannot be changed to another hotel. This will be considered a cancellation and subsequent new reservation. You will receive a confirmation of the cancellation to the provided email address. This confirmation is your guarantee that the room has been cancelled.

If the hotel stay is booked through a third party or an online travel agency, the third party must be contacted directly.

Reservations with no cancellation option

All reservations must be prepaid and cannot be refunded. The change can only be made by contacting the hotel directly or via Arp-Hansen Hotel Group's central booking department on telephone +45 80303045 or email book@arp-hansen.dk. By changing the reservation, a fee of DKK 650 (Gentofte Hotel DKK 450) applies per reservation every time the date changes. The price per night may change when date, number of nights and persons change. Subject to sold out days and/or rooms when changes are made. Any price reduction will not be refunded, when dates change. Reservations can be postponed no longer than 12 months from the original reservation date.

Reservations with cancellation option

All reservations can be changed or cancelled without a fee until 12:00 on arrival day. Change or cancellation after 12.00. implies a fee of the first night’s stay. Changes and cancellations can be made via one of Arp-Hansen Hotel Group´s websites*, by contacting the hotel directly or via Arp-Hansen Hotel Group's central booking department on telephone +45 80303045 or email book@arp-hansen.dk. The price per night may change when date, number of nights and persons change. Subject to sold out days and/or rooms when dates or duration change.

In case of no show, one night´s stay will be charged, according to the cancellation terms for your reservation, to the credit card supplied during the reservation process.

Check-in and check-out

The room is at your disposal from 3PM on the day of arrival until kl. 12 noon on the day of departure. If the departure time is not complied with, the hotel reserves the right to charge you the room rate for an extra night according to the applicable rack rates. If check-in does not take place on the date of arrival, your right to use the room on the remaining nights you have booked will lapse. If you wish to make use of the reservation after the original arrival date, it is your own responsibility to contact the hotel no later than the date of the originally scheduled check-in. This must be done in writing (via email) and applies to all reservation types. 


The prices on the website are intended for individual reservations. If 10 or more rooms are booked for the same period, the hotel will handle the reservation as a group, which will lead to a change in prices and general conditions, including cancellation and payment terms. A special group contract will be forwarded to you, and must be returned to us with your signature.

Guests under the age of 18

Guests under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by an adult when staying at the hotel.

Credit Card fee

Please note that a credit card fee may apply when paying by certain credit cards.

Opportunities for appeal

It is important to us that you are satisfied. Always contact the hotel reception who will help clear up any misunderstandings. If you do not succeed in finding a solution, you can contact the Appeals Board for Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism via hrt-ankenaevn.dk/ or via europa.eu/.


* arp-hansen.dk, arp-hansen.com, arp-hansen.se, arp-hansen-kobenhavn.com, phoenixcopenhagen.dk, phoenixcopenhagen.com, phoenixcopenhagen.se, phoenixcopenhagen-kobenhavn.com, 71nyhavnhotel.dk, 71nyhavnhotel.com, 71nyhavnhotel.se, 71nyhavnhotel-kobenhavn.com, copenhagenstrand.dk, copenhagenstrand.com, copenhagenstrand-kobenhavn.com, copenhagenstrand.se, imperialhotel.dk, imperial-hotel-copenhagen.com, imperialhotel-kobenhavn.com, imperialhotel.se, thesquare.dk, thesquarecopenhagen.com, thesquare-kopenhamn.se, thesquare-kobenhavn.com, tivolihotel.dk, tivolihotel.com, tivolihotel.se, tivolihotel-kobenhavn.com, copenhagenisland.dk, copenhagenisland.com, copenhagenisland-kobenhavn.com, copenhagenisland.se, gentoftehotel.dk, gentoftehotel.com, gentoftehotel.se, gentoftehotel-kobenhavn.com, wakeupcopenhagen.dk, wakeupcopenhagen.com, wakeupcopenhagen.se, hotelwakeupcopenhagen.com, wakeupcopenhagen.de, steelhousecopenhagen.com, nexthousecopenhagen.com.

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