Fitness center

Our state-of-the-art fitness centre is located on the hotel’s top floor. Here at Copenhagen Island we know that a healthy lifestyle cannot be put on standby just because you’re away from home, so we’ve created this unique opportunity for maintaining your training regime whilst staying with us.

Opening hours: Every day from 7AM - 10PM.

Fitness center with views over the waterfront

As with the rest of the hotel, we’ve paid particular attention to detail to ensure you a first class experience every time you use the gym. Panoramic views over Copenhagen’s waterfront ensure you can totally unwind whilst exercising and also whilst relaxing afterwards on the outdoor balcony or in sauna – a perfect way to combat stress!

With training equipment from Nautilus designed to strengthen the back and stomach muscles, together with hand weights up to 10 kg there’s ample opportunity to tone up the whole body. Break out in a sweat using our exercise bike, jogging machine and cross-trainer from Nautilus – they’ll all get your pulse rate up and help release a healthy portion of endorphins!

So come up to the top floor and try an early morning training session before the day’s important business or unwind in the evening after a long working day

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