On both sides of the harbour waterfront, Kalvebods Brygge and Islands Brygge offer a number of attractive outdoor areas and facilities for events/activities in the immediate vicinity of Copenhagen Island. Together with Humanic Group we can offer a wide range of fun teambuilding experiences designed to break down barriers and promote cooperation and unity.

For example:

  • Money Talks – lots of fun with competition, corruption and gambling..
  • Team Olympics – competing for olympic honour through a number of sports-related disciplines..
  • Team Spirit – a course with group spirit, enthusiasm and cooperation..
  • GreenBuilding – an inspiring insight into green and climate-friendly choices and options in daily life..
  • History Chase – a fun and entertaining introduction to Copenhagen’s ancient history..
  • Copenhagen Harbour Experience – History and team competitions, both water-based and land-based, here in Copenhagen

These teambuilding activities can also be arranged as a supplement to a conference, group meeting or other event and can be followed by dinner at our restaurant The Harbour.

For more detailed information please contact our partner Humanic Group.